Tate & Lyle: Electrical power production unit (former BIAMYL)

Tate & Lyle Factory producing amyl and glucose, Thessaloniki (former BIAMYL): Electric power generation unit from natural gas to meet the needs of the whole factory.
It is a one-storey building with an area of 489 sq. m. which consists of the following three structurally individual parts:
1st part: Generators, transformers and compressor rooms
2nd part: check boards room
3rd part: burner room
The first two can be characterized as conventional reinforced concrete constructions, while the third has perimetric solid walls 10 metres high, and roof made of insulated panels, whose steel grid bears the chimney with its pipes, and also a catwalk. Inside the room there are two steel scaffolds for the foundation of the degasser, while the burner itself is supported (founded) directly on its base.

Tate & Lyle: Electrical power production unit
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