Warehouse for paletted fertilizer - Χ.Β.Β.Ε
Phosphoric fertilizer industry (former X.B.B.E.) in Ionia, Thessaloniki.

Steel warehouse for the storage of the fertilizer sacks from the adjacent packaging unit.

It is a one-storey building, with 6,10m clear height and external dimensions 21,20 Χ 32,80 m.

The steel superstructure consists of five typical two-column frames and two five-column at the front sides, rigidly connected to the girders and founded on reinforced concrete pedestals. At the longitudinal direction the rigidity is obtained by the vertical bracings, symmetrically arranged on the two sides. The roof bracing covers the whole perimeter of the roof, forming a considerably rigid diaphragm.

The foundation rests at a depth 1.80 m lower than the floor level and consists of three strip footing lines, along the columns axes.

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